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Learn more about the importance of nutrients in your cat's food.


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Welcome to Killarney Cat Hospital in Calgary

Killarney Cat Hospital is a full service hospital and outpatient facility exclusively for the treatment of felines. We are able to offer you a clean, quiet, dog free environment, which is less stressful to your cat and makes a typical vet visit a more pleasant experience. We believe that every pet is a precious individual entitled to the best health care available. We emphasize personal and individual attention to every pet.

Through our genuine commitment we always attempt to practice the best, up-to-date medicine possible and we will strive to create a warm and caring atmosphere and provide a positive experience for each and every client-pet visit.

We are very proud that our clients honour us with their trust and consideration. In return they will receive uncompromising personal service, excellent medical, surgical and nursing care.

Meet the Team
Very friendly staff. Offered my cat free treats. They use calming scents in the office to help stressed cats relax.…
I would never bring my cats anywhere else. The staff are fantastic, and inform you perfectly. I originally chose this…
We've been taking our cat, Amie, here for 8 years. Staff and Drs have always been incredibly friendly, helpful and…
I can not say enough good things about this vet!!! Not only were they the only vet willing to help…
Every one of the staff at Killarney is super friendly and helpful. They care about our babies as much as…


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The Importance of Diet and Urinary Health in Cats

Urinary tract disease is a common issue in the feline patient.  Problems such as urinating outside of the litter box, pain and straining during urination, blood in the urine and increased frequency of urination can all be indicators of urinary tract disease.

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Cat Nutrition

Nutrition plays one of the biggest roles in the health and longevity of our feline friends and what we choose to put in their dishes can be one of the most important decisions that we make for them.  Most owners put a lot of thought into purchasing a food for the cats they love so much and want to make sure it is a healthy diet formulated specifically for their needs.

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