A Day in the Life of a Veterinarian Office/Technical Assistant

By:  Emily Jamnicky

VOTAs are a vital part of any clinic or emergency center team. While all other staff members are busy helping patients around the hospital and giving them the care they need, we’re the ones who answer phone calls, schedule appointments, provide “traffic control” when it gets busy, help clients, create files for new patients, as well as other office duties.
We also get to spend some time away from the front desk, spending time with patients. VOTAs get to give the animals playtime and keep them company, feed them in the morning and evening, give them fresh water and a clean litter box. It is always our top priority to keep all patients comfortable in the clinic.
VOTAs have a close relationship with clients. We are the first people they see when they come in for an appointment or purchase, and the last people they see before leaving the clinic. We often get to know most clients by name and their pets as well. We develop a bond with all patients that come to see us. Whether they won’t let us get near them without having a hissing fit, or they’re cuddle machines from day one, we take a liking to each and every patient in our care.
During my time at Killarney Cat Hospital, I’ve come to love all of the patients we have here. That also includes our clinic cat, Taystee. Whether patients are coming in for a brief check-up, a surgery or just boarding with us for a few days, all cats here have a special place in my heart and I strive to make all of them comfortable and content. The staff team here have shown me how much fun it can be as a VOTA, and how rewarding a career in the vet field can be. With animals being part of my daily work and home life, it’s never a dull moment and there’s always someone who needs a few cuddles, which I am happy to provide.