Amy Robinson

Registered Veterinary Technologist

I grew up on a farm in a small town in Northwestern Ontario and that was where my love of animals began. We had beef cattle, a Cocker Spaniel and at one point, had 21 barn cats! I had fun naming them and taking care of them. When I was in 4-H in my early teens, we were taken for a tour of a veterinary clinic and after that visit, I decided I wanted to be in the veterinary industry. I worked at that same clinic after high school for 2 years, then I came out to Alberta to attend Olds College and graduated in 2002 with a diploma in Animal Health Technology.

I joined the clinic in July 2017. I had been a locum here since 2016 and I enjoy working with the staff and clientele here, it also is a plus that I live in the area. I love being able to form relationships with clients and care for their pets. My goal is to make clients feel comfortable that I am caring for their pet the same way I would my care for own pet. My favourite thing about the clinic is that the team here is a bunch of awesome people! My first pet was a barn cat named Snowball.

I cannot recommend Killarney Cat Hospital enough. I have two cats who this is their primary clinic. My one cat…

Lauren Harrison

I have been bringing my cat here for the past 2-3 years and am always happy with the care provided.…

Jayna Cadrain

We are grateful for the timely and compassionate care (procedure, overnight stay or two) we had when our poor kitty…

Emma Sacco

I am a cat foster and have been to vet clinics all around the city. I recently adopted 2 cats…

- -

Have always enjoyed coming here. Staff treat you well and they treat you like family. My cat is in great…

Darcy Lukinuk


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