Dr. Tasha Kean


I decided in Grade 2 that I wanted to be a veterinarian! I received my Bachelor of Science from Dalhousie University, Agricultural Campus. Then I went straight to Atlantic Veterinary College in beautiful Prince Edward Island, where I lived next to a potato field and met my husband. After graduation, I started my career here in Calgary, working with cats and dogs. At my previous practice, I grew into the cat person and took a special interest in cat-friendly practices and feline medicine. When a job in a cat only practice opened up near my house, it was a natural evolution of my career. My special area of interests is all things feline. I love managing a senior cat with multiple health issues, almost as much as I love surgically removing foreign bodies that naughty kittens have eaten. I love our ability to help cats continue to grow every year, with new advancements and techniques. Also, I love being able to offer new options to my clients and their cats.

My first 'heart cat' was and is Lefty, who I've had since the first year of veterinary school. He's 17 now and has heart disease, thyroid disease, allergies, early kidney disease and GI issues. Because of him, I know what struggles my clients face! What I love about my job is the happy, healthy kittens of course! Though I also enjoy the team that I work with, they make me smile, even on the tough days. My favourite thing about the clinic is the quietness! After working in a cat/dog practice for eight years, you don't realize just how loud dogs can be, until you come to an all cat practice and it is so calm and serene. Fun fact about myself is that if I'm not at the clinic, I'm likely camping, hiking, biking etc.

Best staff, compassionate , caring, understanding and they go above and beyond for you and your furry friends. There…

Jordyn Manning

Updated Nov 2018: After meeting Dr Tasha with my first foster kitty almost 2 years ago, now she sees all…

Stephanie Kelly

This place was awesome. I brought my cat here for a check up and she needed a few vaccines. She…

Kalyn Macaskill

Very friendly and helpful and if you need help for your kitties teeth this is the place to go

Allan Reid

Great place. Staff is super friendly and helpful. A little bit higher priced than some places but not overly. I…

Val Berry


Basic Cat Grooming

Cat nails should be trimmed about every 4 weeks the hind nails usually grow slower and can go about 6-8 weeks.

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