Jayme Mooney

Client Care Representative

I’ve always known I wanted to work with animals, and while ‘Professional Kitten Snuggler’ may not be a real job, this is pretty close. My favourite part of the job is the constant abundance of adorable feline friends, and keeping Instagram updated with a little bit of the adorableness we get to see every day.

I remember asking Santa in kindergarten for sparkly jelly sandals, the new Polly Pocket, and a kitten. And while my sister got a kitten the following year, I still continued to beg for one of my own. So it should come as no surprise that the moment I moved out on my own I got my, now 10-year-old cat, Molly.

My first pet was a little hamster named Chip, who survived a house fire and went on to live another year after! The Hamster was followed by doves, cats, and one dog! And now I have 2 cats and a Children’s Python, as well as the constant urge to get more and more animals.

I cannot recommend Killarney Cat Hospital enough. I have two cats who this is their primary clinic. My one cat…

Lauren Harrison

I have been bringing my cat here for the past 2-3 years and am always happy with the care provided.…

Jayna Cadrain

We are grateful for the timely and compassionate care (procedure, overnight stay or two) we had when our poor kitty…

Emma Sacco

I am a cat foster and have been to vet clinics all around the city. I recently adopted 2 cats…

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Have always enjoyed coming here. Staff treat you well and they treat you like family. My cat is in great…

Darcy Lukinuk


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