Nicole Jollimore

Client Care Representative

When I was young, I always wanted to work with animals. While travelling, I had the opportunity to work on a farm with 24 horses and a variety of other animals. That helped me decided to make it a priority to include animals as part of my work. I joined the clinic in November 2017. I enjoy working with people and animals, and this job is the best of both worlds. Being a pet owner myself, I understand the ups and downs an owner can go through and I love being there for the exciting times and can empathize when it's tough. I love that Killarney Cat Hospital is a feline clinic. I have had cats all my life and I love how quirky they are. I love animals in general, but I am more familiar with cats and how they behave. I really enjoy their personalities.

My very first cat was Peewee, he was an extremely mischievous grey tabby. He got into a lot of trouble and at the time I don't think my parents were too fond. Now after many years, he is the most memorable and talked about pet, because he gave us so many good stories (including one about him eating a hole in the Thanksgiving turkey). A couple fun facts about me; I have a background in Technical Theatre, as well I love going axe throwing.

Friendly staff and definitely go to vet for your kitty. Their entire operation is designed to make it as easy…

Stephan Becker

More expensive than other places but you can tell the vets are cat lovers and they really care. The same…

Joe Moore

My fur baby Galen is a former feral who is not fond of the great outdoors, or people, or dogs,…

Frankie Williams

Best staff, compassionate , caring, understanding and they go above and beyond for you and your furry friends. There…

Jordyn Manning

Updated Nov 2018: After meeting Dr Tasha with my first foster kitty almost 2 years ago, now she sees all…

Stephanie Kelly


Basic Cat Grooming

Cat nails should be trimmed about every 4 weeks the hind nails usually grow slower and can go about 6-8 weeks.

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