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We are OPEN on Monday, closed Tuesday!

Killarney Cat Hospital is OPEN on Monday for our regular hours from 7:30am-6pm We are closed on Tuesday to celebrate Canada Day! If you encounter an emergency please visit Western Veterinary Specialist & Emergency Care at 1802 – 10th Ave SW Calgary. Happy last days of school, all the best to you & yours!

Cat lying on its back

Hernias in Cats by Dr. Carl Hannigan

Hernias are uncommon in cats but do occur occasionally.  They can occur naturally or as a result of trauma.  The naturally occurring hernias are umbilical or inguinal. Umbilical hernias result from a weakness in the abdominal muscle wall at the site of the umbilicus (belly button) and are noticed as...

Cat looking at a spilled food bag and a dog lying down

Cat Food by Dr. Destinee Dummer

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who wanted to know why the cat food we offer at Killarney Cat Hospital is considered better than other brands that are available. The take home message I had for her was that just like the medications and other products...

Cat lying on a plant

Surviving the Summer Heat for your Cat

Congratulations, Calgary, summer is here!  To most of us these months mean patios, barbecues, and fun in the sun but the heat can be more troublesome for our furry friends. I was personally reminded of this fact last summer on our first 30 degree day when my food-loving tabby Scout...