Blog: Senior Pet Care


Age is Not a Disease

How old is old?  So often we have clients in and they say their cat is ‘old’ but occasionally their idea of old and ours is quite different!


Know How Old Your Cat Is?

Did you ever wonder how old your cat really is?  People often say a dog year is equivalent to 7 human years…does the same general principle apply to cats?

Sneaker the cat raising his paw

Sneaker: Senior Focus Mascot

Sneaker is a 17 year old domestic shorthaired cat owned by one of our techs at Killarney Cat Hospital. Having almost all of the ‘old-age’ diseases that most commonly affect senior cats we thought he would make the perfect mascot for senior focus this year! See if you can keep...

Grey cat lying on a couch

Ring in the New Year’s: Resolutions for your Pet

Now we have all heard of the “New Year’s resolution.”  Some people follow this timeless tradition every year to the fullest and some people give up after January, myself included. This year I have an idea to help you go all the way, to help you last the full year...