Great Dental Season Wrap Up! by Lesa Ewashen

As spring is just around the corner and we are almost ready to wrap up our dental season, the staff here at Killarney Cat Hospital wants to thank all of our wonderful clients for making the season such a tremendous success! The health of your cat is always our first priority and with dental disease affecting up to 80% of pets, we wanted to take the time to not only properly educate you on the issue, but also to offer discounted dental services during our focus months of February and March.

We are very grateful for everyone who was able to attend our Feline Dental Seminar, which was presented by our own Dr. Liz Bolton. The dental awareness event, which occurred February 12th offered wine and cheese refreshments, featured an informative PowerPoint presentation, as well as a very educational lecture essential to understanding the importance of dental hygiene in pets. Our Royal Canin representative was also present to answer nutritional questions and concerns, and multiple prizes were sent home with a few of our lucky winners. The evening was a great accomplishment for us, and we hope it was equally as enjoyable for you. Over the duration of our 2-month dental promotion, we were able to complete over 50 dental surgeries! That is at least 50 cats with healthy mouths and more than1500 teeth that are clean!

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to contribute to the ongoing wellness of your pets and are appreciative for the success and popularity that you enabled our dental season to achieve. We look forward to having another great season next year!
Lesa Ewashen