Happy New Year News from the Killarney Cat Hospital Team

With the holiday season behind us, we want to start off the New Year by taking the time to wish everyone all the best in 2014 from our team here at Killarney Cat Hospital. It has been a very busy and exciting year at the clinic and none of it would have been possible without the continual support from all of our amazing clients. We appreciate your commitment and loyalty and are grateful for all you do.

Looking back over all of the memories we have created this year, we would like to share with you some of our greatest moments, in case you missed out or if simply wanted to reminisce with us. We held an Open House in August, which was a great success. We all had the privilege to interact with people among the community, meeting and making new friends and clients along the way. The barbeque was a blast with the summer weather definitely being enviable. Also at our open house, was a booth set up for The Meow Foundation. We have been working with them rigorously the past few months, fundraising for them by means of our holiday donation hamper, selling cat faces on which you write your name in denominations of 1$, 5$ or 10$, our exchange of a review of our clinic for a 20$ donation, and through selling calendars. The Meow Foundation is a cat-only no kill charity that we are extremely proud to support and we are thankful for the tremendous generosity everyone has shown us in trying to help them reach their goals. As well as fundraising this past season, we wanted to do our very best to give back to the community in any ways that we possibly could.
Our entire team spent an afternoon helping out in the kitchen at The Mustard Seed, providing assistance with food preparation and serving. Poverty is an important issue here in Calgary, especially around the holiday and winter season, so we felt incredibly honored to be able to help them out in any ways we could.
We also spent an afternoon wrapping presents at Bankers Hall, which helped support C.A.R.E Society’s Nurture Yourself Program. Finally, we wrapped up the holiday season with bells on, literally, by offering Cat Pictures with Santa. We had our very own Dr. Carl Hannigan portraying our santa claus, cuddling and posing with owners cats, while Nurse Liz took pictures. Snacks were offered and all of us had a great time basking in the joy of the season. We thank everyone who was able to make it out and we hope you enjoyed your pictures.

Focusing now on the present and future, our next event will be an evening Dental Seminar, hosted by Dr. Liz Bolton, featuring an educational slide show with all of your questions and concerns addressed. The event will be held on February 12th at 6pm and we will also be serving wine and cheese.

Overall, we have had a great year and are looking forward to all the memories and experiences we will continue to make. We hope your holidays were enjoyable, and once again, we wish prosperity and happiness throughout the New Year, for you and of course, your cats.