Keeping Your Pet's Teeth Clean Tips

Hello my name is Timmy the white Tonkinese!

I’m here to tell you a few tips on how to help me keep my teeth as white as my coat. Now I’m a bit squirmy so first things first, you’re going to want to get yourself comfortable before you even worry about me.

Next step is to hold my body tightly between your body and forearm like an NFL football player would hold the ball while he’s running.

The step after that is quite similar to your tooth brushing routine, starting off with tooth paste. Now we both know if that toothpaste isn’t chicken or tuna flavored I won’t have any of it so keep that in mind. Using your finger (after washing hands of course) or a finger toothbrush smear the tooth paste all over my pearly whites.

For this next part I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Due to the fact that I have no thumbs my mouth is very, very important to me. I smell with it, drink with it, eat with it, talk with it, pick things up with it, and last but not least scare off enemies with it. My mouth is my most important feature, so you may see me be a bit protective of it when you go in there with the tooth brush.  Please do not worry, I would much rather the sixty seconds of brushing every night from somebody I love, than to live last years of my life with no chompers. Now I know what you’re thinking by my picture up there,  “What a young, smart, sophisticated cat that Timmy is” but here iss secret number two. I can be tricked into loving my tooth brushing every night if I know there’s a treat waiting for me at the end of the journey!