New Clinic Cat: Meet Taystee at Our Calgary Vet!

Killarney Cat Hospital is proud to introduce a new team member! Meet Taystee, our new clinic cat. Taystee joined the team in August and has quickly won over the hearts of everyone. She is a senior cat with weight management issues that we are working on. We are feeding Taystee a metabolic food and getting her to exercise through play. This has helped her adjust to her new home as well as provide important bonding and exercise time with the staff. Taystee came to us through our collaboration with AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society).  We are very excited to be working with them.

We will be fostering kittens for ARRCS while also providing care for their medical cases for cats and kittens. Since collaborating with AARCS we have already arranged successful adoptions for a litter of four kittens! There will be 10 more of these cute little fur babies showing off at our open house being held on September 6th. Be sure to stop by to meet them, as well as some of the AARCS team.

Working with AARCS helps aid in reducing the population of stray and unwanted felines. AARCS advocates being responsible pet owners. Through their adoption   program, all pets are spayed or neutered prior to going to their forever homes. This step helps control the overpopulation problem that affects our community. Other programs have been implemented to help control the population of stray and feral cats in the community. These include the TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) program in which intact feral cats are captured and spayed or neutered. Once healed, they are then released back to the capture site.  Another program, offered through AARCS, is called SNAP (Spay, Neuter Assistance Program). This is designed to help make spay or neuter surgery costs more affordable.  This is done through an application process; applications can be obtained at

Check out the AARCS website for information on how you can help by becoming a volunteer, or a foster home for some of the animals in need in your community.