Pet Fire Safety: A plan for emergencies with your pet

Let’s all take a moment to think back to when we were young. As children running through the playground on recess, or ever as high-schoolers when most of us were too cool to do any sort of running at all. We can all remember fire drills, once every two weeks the alarm would sound and everyone would walk in a straight line outside of the building for the inevitable head count that proceeded. Well as much as we all remember those drills I have a sneaky suspicion not many of you reading this blog today have had a recent in home fire drill. The American Red Cross says home fires are the most common disaster that they respond to – and also the most preventable. According to the United States Fire Administration, an estimated 500,000 pets are affected annually in North America by fires. Whether you’re a family of five or a single guy and his pup, it’s always important to have a plan and to be ready.

–       Have emergency exits that both you and your animals fit through

–       Have a meeting point outside the home

–       Have a list for head counts including names of all humans and pets

–       Have a to go bag ready for you, your family, and your pets

–       Discuss (prior to any emergency) a safe place with a friend/relative to house your pet in case of emergency or time of need.

–       Keeping kenneled/ caged pets close to exits for easy Fire Fighter access

–       Keep leashes handy at exits for easy Fire Fighter access

I hope reading this blog helped.  Let’s make pet fire safety our priority this year, plan ahead, and plan safe. Thank you!

by Brad Scott