Thank you for an amazing 2nd Annual Open House!

This is my first official blog for Killarney Cat Hospital and it seems somewhat appropriate and fitting that I write about our 2nd Annual Open House!

For those of you who don’t know me yet my name is Julie and I have been the Clinic Manager here now since June.  I wasn’t here for the first annual open house so this was all a new and exciting event for me!  I am pleased to say that we more than doubled the attendance of last year so that is a huge success for us. We hope to keep on growing in Calgary and our local community and want to make this event bigger and better with each passing year!

We started the prep and planning for this event pretty much from the moment I started and I really wanted to stop and take a moment to thank everyone that was involved in helping to make it possible!  I feel so fortunate to have such an amazing team here at Killarney! Almost the entire time was there to support each other. They really pulled together for this wonderful community event.

In addition to what we had last year those of you who joined us may have noticed that we had some fun and furry little buddies with us. We have started working with some new and amazing friends at AARCS. We are very happily fostering kittens for them and once they are all healthy and spayed/neutered we adopt them out through AARCS.  From our Open House we had 4 successful adoptions go through!  AARCS also had some of their amazing event team out on site for our open house with some of their other Kittens and Cats that are available for adoption, it was fantastic.

Another new friend of ours that joined in the Open House fun was Richard from “Portrait of My Cat”.  Best described as the social site for cat lovers; think of it as Facebook for kitties. There is everything from blogs to a Veterinarian Q&A section. Lots of fun for the cat lover in your home!

We had amazing giveaways and way too much food as always, if you were looking to stock up on treats and toys for your little fur buddy this was the place!

I was amazed with the team and I was so thrilled with the turnout of existing fabulous clients and what I can only hope will be people that we will see more of in the future. Everyone was fantastic!

I also want to take a moment to really, really thank the people who went above and beyond to help us raise money for our “Oscar Fund”.  This is something that is very dear to us.  We had SO many wonderful people within our local community donate gifts to us to help us fundraise for our charity.  It is a very rewarding feeling to watch something grow from nothing.  All of the money that was raised went entirely to our “Oscar Fund” which has grown substantially from this event.  You can read more about our Oscar Fund right on our website!

Below is a list of these wonderful and generous donors to our event:








Killarney Crossing Second Cup

Play It Again Sports


Westhills Starbucks

Yoga Santosha

A very special thank you to these special donors who gave us our Grande Prizes!  You are all so generous and amazing!


Cinquecento Cucina

Peasant Cheese Shop

Peter Sawan, RMT 

In closing I just want to say that I could not be more proud of the team that I have working with me on a daily basis and I am only looking forward to all the years that we have ahead of us to grow in this beautiful community!

by Julie, KCH Clinic Manager