‘Tis the Season in Calgary!

It is the time of year for giving. Many Calgary charities will be in need of help and donations this year. All of us at Killarney Cat Hospital make a point of donating time and/or money to charities important to us. We feel that’s one of our duties as members of the community. We have three charities in mind this year and welcome you to contribute to one or all!

The first is AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society). They are a member of the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies and World Society for the Protection of Animals. AARCS has done so much for the animals of Calgary and continues to do so. You can volunteer as a foster parent for animals until they are able to be placed in their forever homes. AARCS also needs dog and cat caregivers to help in the shelter. If you are unable to volunteer perhaps a donation would work? They accept donations of food, towels, beds etc. Those items can be dropped off at Bay G, 3851 – 21st Street N.E. Calgary, AB. AARCS has also set up a holiday Gift Giving Catalogue. By going to their website aarcs.ca you can access the catalogue, select items to purchase for an animal in need all in the name of whomever you decide. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!! You can also donate online or by mailing to the shelter.

Another great charity in need is Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue. They have been tirelessly working on saving animals for 14 years. They specialize in rescuing and rehabilitating animals. They have even gone to Mexico to rescue dogs from a ‘dumping ground’. Many efforts have also been made to rescue animals from reservations in and around Calgary. Since 2000, Rocky Mountain Animal Rescue has rescued, rehabilitated and rehomed over 3000 animals. They are now part of disaster relief efforts as well. That’s an amazing accomplishment for a non-funded organization. They rely completely on volunteer time and funds from animal lovers like you. You can donate by visiting their website rockymountainanimalrescue.com and completing the donation form. You can also make a ‘Tribute Gift’ in the name of a loved one.

Last but not least is MEOW foundation. They were founded in 2000 and specialize in feline rescue and adoption. One fantastic fact is they are a registered charity with a no-kill mandate. MEOW receives its funding from public donations, grants and fundraising activities. Like other charities of this nature you can support them by becoming a volunteer or serving as a foster home. You can also set up your own fundraiser to help. For example an online ‘Giving Page’ can be set up. MEOW will also be hosting a CHRISTMAS PARTY FOR THE CATS on December 14th with proceeds going to MEOW foundation. You can also make donations online or by mailing them to MEOW Foundation PO Box 65024, RPO North Hill Calgary, AB T2N 4T6.

Whatever charity you’d like to donate to in whichever way you decide is always appreciated and needed. We at Killarney Cat Hospital encourage you to research the many that are in need in your community and find a way during the busy holiday season to donate.




Veterinarian injecting a microchip in an orange cat

The Importance of Microchips

A microchip is a small chip that is placed under the skin between the shoulders. The needle we use is larger than a typical blood collection needle, though other than the initial poke does not cause any ongoing pain.

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