What is Optimum Care?

By now, you’ve likely heard that we are now offering Optimum Care and maybe you’ve even checked out the website but you possibly still have questions.

Optimum Care is simply a way for you to pay for your cat’s general health care spread out over the whole year. You pay a simple monthly fee and bring your cat to us – easy peasy. Depending on the Care Plan you choose to purchase you will receive up to EIGHT included visits, yearly vaccines and possibly blood work and basic dental care. You also get unlimited nail trims and when you need to purchase any products or food outside of the plan you qualify for a discount!

What’s the catch? Well even we haven’t figured that out yet. When you cost it out you end up paying less and getting more – a lot more. Even if you don’t bring your pet in more than a couple times a year it’s cheaper to buy the plan than pay out of pocket each time.

And don’t worry you’re not locked in – Tired of us? Want a change? Need to move? Pay out the difference from what you have used versus what you have paid and voila – plan gone. You can do this at any time.

Optimum Care is NOT insurance, and we won’t sell the plan to a sick pet. But once we get kitty feline fine we are happy to enroll them. Of course, if kitty becomes unwell while on the plan you can use services from the plan to help with the associated costs.

Further questions? Check out our website www.killarneycat.com. Wondering about costs? Call our awesome front desk staff or stop by the clinic!

Written by Dr. Tasha Kean