A Year in Review: Toy Edition

As many of you know we have quite the selection of cat toys to go along with all our food and medicine because mental health is as important as physical health.  But what toys are the best?  In the end, it all depends on what kitty likes best but there have been a few popular items over the past year.

NEKO Flies

A client brought one in for their cat to an appointment and we all fell in love.  These wand toys really do fly like a bug and have changeable ends so you can switch it up and keep it interesting.  If you have a multi-cat household like most of the staff members, you will find that each kitty will likely have a favourite.  You buy the wand and then the individual flies separately.

cat toy with flies


Kitty Playground Plastic Springs

They’ve been around for a long time but are still a popular item.  While Dr Tasha was a skeptic at first she finally broke down and bought a set after the millionth client commented on how much their cat liked them.  WOW.  Her cats went crazy.  There is something about the way they move when hit that cats just love and they are small enough to be picked up and carried around by kitty as well.  But don’t take our word for it come by and pick up a set and see for yourself.

a cat toy

All for paws Green Rush Catnip Toys

These toys come in a bunch of different shapes and sizes but the real secret is the Catnip that they are stuffed with.  It’s from British Colombia and we don’t know what they do different over there but the cats sure seem to get extra enthusiastic in regards to these catnip toys over other ones we sell.

catnip tuna fish toy

Honeysuckle in all forms

We always have at least one jar of honeysuckle wood for sale.  Great for those cats that don’t care about catnip, 85% of cats will ‘react’ to honeysuckle and there does not seem to be a genetic or age influence.  You can buy it just as a stick of wood for your cat to lick and enjoy or stuffed into a pillow.  Fun Fact: the big cats at the zoo all get honeysuckle in their enclosure as part of their enrichment.

cat toys

KONG Kickeroo

Have you ever seen your kitty kicking a toy with their back paws while playing?  This prey behaviour is used in the wild to help with hunting but is less fun when it is done on your furniture or delicate cloth.  For these kitties, the Kickeroo was designed – sturdy enough to stand up to a good kicking and biting but still fun enough to get kitties interest in the first place.

cat toy kong

What are your cats favourite toy?  Do you rotate your toys so they can be re-discovered or does your cat refuse to play with anything other than the ring off the milk jug?

We hope you and kitty enjoy these suggestions and let us know if there are any questions you have!

Writen by Dr Tasha