Your Cat’s Holiday Wish List

Happy Holidays from Killarney Cat Hospital! Stumped for what to get your favourite felines? We’ve put together this handy guide to help out:

For the slightly … shall I say, heavier pet in your life, I suggest a Slim Cat treat ball. You can choose from blue, green, orange, or pink. Put your kitty’s kibble in the ball and he will have to play to get the food out. Lots of fun and exercise!

For the pampered princess kitty, consider a reclining scratching bed and some tantalizing tuna flavored Greenie dental treats. Sold here at Killarney Cat Hospital.

For the finicky cat, a pet water fountain for fresh flowing water is purrfect. Perhaps she might like some Hill’s brand C/D, K/D, or I/D stew, which looks almost good enough for human consumption. You can get Hill’s at Killarney Cat Hospital too!

For the senior cat, an Omega fatty acid supplement to help with those creaky joints also helps beautify the skin and coat.

For the skittish cat, try some Feliway spray, wipes, or a plug in diffuser. The diffuser releases pheromones, keeping kitty calm and possibly even helping coax him out from under the bed while company is over. Killarney Cat Hospital can order Feliway for you if we don’t already have any in stock for you to take home.

For the young kitten, get a variety of toys (catnip or honeysuckle infused is a plus). Please make sure they don’t have strings and such that can be chewed off and swallowed.

Whatever kind of feline you have there are many options for gift giving. The above suggestions can all be found right here in our Calgary cat hospital.

Cats have to deal with all our craziness during the holiday season.  Why not hang a nice big stocking for your kitty and fill it with some of their favorite things? After all everything really is about them … in case you weren’t aware. 😉