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Our goal is to ensure each of your cats live a longer, healthier life. Our Calgary veterinary team believes one of the best things you can do for your felines to keep them healthy is preventative veterinary medicine such as wellness & vaccination programs. We understand that you want the best possible care for your cat and will do all that we can for your pet’s health to reach an optimal level

Killarney Cat Hospital was recommended to me for boarding my kitties (Sienne & Delilah) by The Cat's Inn while I…

Lynda Spencer

I love Killarney Cat Hospital! Because they specialize in cats, the atmosphere is much more calming to their patients as…

Nei Thunder

I was referred by a family member to take my kitten to Killarney Cat Hospital, when my regular vet wouldn't…

Jennifer Davidson

They take wonderful care of our cat Stephen! He is never stressed out at the vet (and he doesn't like…

Emma W

Absolutely the best!! The staff are so friendly, competent and very caring. I would highly recommend Killarney Cat…

Liz Scott




A Cat Named Rover

A good Samaritan saw him being hit by a bus and brought him into my veterinary hospital in Forest Lawn, Calgary.  Surprisingly, he was not in shock or displaying any other abnormalities other than being completely lame on his left hind leg. 

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