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Our goal is to ensure each of your cats live a longer, healthier life. Our Calgary veterinary team believes one of the best things you can do for your felines to keep them healthy is preventative veterinary medicine such as wellness & vaccination programs. We understand that you want the best possible care for your cat and will do all that we can for your pet’s health to reach an optimal level

I have brought my cat Lola (9-10 yrs) there a few times and have continually received excellent care and service.…

Jessica Macdonald

Very friendly staff. Offered my cat free treats. They use calming scents in the office to help stressed cats relax.…

Timothy Watkins

It's a good veterinary clinic. The receptionist Sidney (sp?) is very nice and helpful. The checkups are always on time…

Katrina Cheney


The Tooth Fairy comes for Kittens too!

Many new kitten owners are surprised to learn that kittens have “baby” teeth, just like we do. These teeth are properly called deciduous teeth, and they are not present at birth. At 2-3 weeks of age, the small incisor teeth appear at the front of the mouth, at around 4 weeks of age the canine teeth (fangs) have emerged, and by 6 weeks of age, the teeth at the back of the mouth (premolars) have emerged. Kittens have a total of 26 deciduous teeth.

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