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history of cats

The Evolution of Cats

The pantherlike ancestor to the cat family first appeared in Southeast Asia, about 10.8 million years ago. Prior to the use of DNA studies in cats, it was difficult to trace the Felidae family history, because feline fossils are rare, and difficult to tell apart.

Tips For Travelling With Your Cat

Taking the Stress out of Travel with Your Cat

If you are planning to travel with your cat and have concerns about how to best alleviate stress in your feline companion, we have compiled a list of suggestions to make your journey happier for both of you.


A Cat Named Rover

A good Samaritan saw him being hit by a bus and brought him into my veterinary hospital in Forest Lawn, Calgary.  Surprisingly, he was not in shock or displaying any other abnormalities other than being completely lame on his left hind leg. 



Rover was a very friendly cat.  He loved people and was also very inquisitive and adventurous. In those days, there were no leash laws in Calgary concerning cats and Rover had free access to the outdoors through a cat door from the house to the garage and then from the...