What Does A Registered Veterinary Technologist Do?

On the month of October at Killarney Cat Hospital, we celebrated Registered Veterinary Technologists, because they are vital to the care of your pets.

What does it mean to be a Registered Veterinary Technologist (RVT)? It probably means different things to different RVT’s, but the most important thing is to be an advocate for your pet. Technologists also do many things from answering phones, taking blood, or x-rays, cleaning teeth or monitoring your pets when under anesthesia.

Every day is different as an RVT. Some days are routine; some days have emergencies and you never know what will come through the door next. The day can be exciting or sad. It can be the new kitten in for its first exam and vaccinations or the long-time family member that has curled up on your lap every night for the last 20 years that you have to say goodbye to.

Some days are busy with barely any time to eat. There can be surgeries, appointments, orders that need to be made for supplies, talking with owners in person or on the phone, laundry, appointments, lab work and lots of caring for the patients in our hospital. When a sick cat goes home happy and healthy to the family that loves it, the day doesn’t get much better.

Most RVT’s have been asked at one time or another when are we are going to become a veterinarian. We are already dental technicians, radiologists, pharmacists, anesthesiologists, receptionists, laboratory tech’s, surgical assistants, janitors and all round gophers.

We are proud to be Registered Veterinary Technologists.

Written by Tracy Chimko, RVT